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"Be One" with the Tigers

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

One of the life time experience for myself to be one with Tigers. I never thought that I will be this close enough with Big Cat. I am an animal lover and believe all the animals should be freed out in the world where they belonged. But my desire to be with One won at las and didn't want to miss the opportunity.

I will never experience a day quite like this. Big or small, friendly or ferocious, the feline family are just fascinating. First off, let me just explain that touching or holding a tiger was on my bucket list.

It was at Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The steel doors opened up for me to go inside to encounter with Big cats. I had already signed a disclaimer.

I stroked the tiger while he was lying down or relaxing on his back, I sat beside him several times and spent about 45 minutes within the cage. The trainer was with us all the time and his advise for us not face the tiger to the face. Always go behind them so that they don't get agitated with strangers.

It just so happened that I was behind one of the big cats which stood and unexpectedly turned towards me. The trainer said just walk calmly outside. At that point my heart was in my throat and I just wanted to get out of the cage.

The tigers are kept very well but I hope one day they will free them to where they belong instead of these coiled wired cages. It is an interesting place to visit if your are interested in encounters with these big cats.

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