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About Me

        Hello! My name is Usha an I am an Adventurer. I have been to more than 30 countries, some multiple times. I travel not only to seek adventure but also for the different cultures so I can gain broader perspective of the world around us. I love both relaxing at a resort and getting my hands dirty hiking in the mountains or jungles. I travel with my husband Kuru who is an excellent photographer who loves photography and travel.

        I emmigrated to Canada 32 years ago from Sri Lanka due to political issues. I am mother of two boys who travel with us occasionally and experienced other cultures which has taught them the commonality of the people around the world.

       I work in business management and work as an Operations Manager for one of Canada’s largest retail chains. I am in people business, dealing with problem solving on daily basis and constant relations with customers and employees. Travel has impacted my work life significantly by increasing my confident in my ability to do anything. It is all part of the journey and the more I put myself in uncomfortable situations, the more comfortable they become.

      Escape through travel is here to share my travel experiences and tips for you to get some new ideas about your next vacation or travel destinations. Most importantly I would like to focus on bringing awareness to the fact that travelling does not have to be well to known attractions, it is about their culture and how to come out of your comfort zone and accept the different cultures into your life. There is much more to explore. So I think it is safe to say that everyone will find something interesting on this page.

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