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The Colosseum, Symbol of Rome

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

The centre of Rome is busy with tourist and the locals, while the city was maintaining its antiquity which was striking evident in every corner. The constant motion around the colosseum creates the influx energy keeping the city alive and vibrant. The Colosseum is the most know icon of Rome.

It is an imposing architecture that with 2000 years of history which will bring you back in time to discover the way of life in the Roman Empire. Commissioned by by emperor Vespasian in 70AD . Vespasian had died before the finishing of the colosseum. His son Titus finished the structure in 80AD.

The Colosseum is a massive structure, the largest amphitheater of Roman Empire and in the world today, being able to hold and seat close to 50,000 spectators.

This was used for the exhibitions of exotic animals, executions of prisoners, recreations of battles of gladiator fights which kept the Roman people entertained for years.

The layers of history and stories of the people , who laughed, cried, and most importantly, died in that theatre, were far too intense for me to even to understand when I looked at this large stone mass in front of me.

Yes, this is must see place if you are interested in Roman history with full of mystery.

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