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Indigenous Pow Wow Dance

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Pow Wow dances are beautiful expression of Indigenous spirituality, history and culture. A Pow Wow is celebration of life and social gathering of Native American communities.

The dancers have long flowing, fringed and colourful outfits which separate them from others. They also wear heavy bells, beaded head band and feathers.

For all dancers, the spiritual centre of Pow Wow is always the circle, a revered area blessed by a spiritual leader. Dancers must only enter the circle from the east, as they walk in the circle in the direction of the sun.

The word " Pow Wow" is derived from the Narragansett word powwow, meaning " Spiritual Leader".

This is a time method to renew Native Canadian culture and preserve the rich heritage of Canadian Natives.

When I was visiting to Manitoulin Island, Ontario Was lucky enough to see this beautiful and colourful dance with rythamatic drum playing in the background.

Here is the close up view of the costume.

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