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Night walk through Amazon Rainforest

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

When we reached the jungle resort in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest it was about 2 PM. It was a gloomy day and humidity was very high; you could feel the stickiness in the air. I was quite amused by the backdrop and the thousands of sounds coming from the creatures of the Amazon. Around 9PM we were ready to meet the strange creatures of the darkness in the rain forest.

At first we were a little nervous about the night walk due to the uncertain steps we would have to take onto the dark trail with minimal torch light, but our guide was very experienced and he made us feel a bit more comfortable. Soon our eyes adjusted to the darkness, and while surrounded by hundreds of jungle sounds, we entered a world inhabited by the most unique and diverse nocturnal creatures.

While many animals sleep, the creatures of the night, such as poisonous frogs, snakes, monkeys, tarantulas and giant insects make the Amazon Forest their own orchestra.

When we encountered the poisonous frog and tarantulas it was one of the most nerve-wracking experience we have ever had during our travels. It was a very creepy feeling knowing that you are surrounded by such dangerous creatures. We had covered our faces with bug nets to prevent bites from small flying bugs.

After about 45 minutes into the jungle we had passed a bridge where our guide pointed out the crocodiles and where their eyes were sparkling with the light in a pond mostly covered with Water Lillies.

Bizarre looking bugs are all over the places like on tree trunks and on the leaves, each one of them expressing their uniqueness.

Once the sun sets, the rain forest takes on a totally different character. If you are up to the adrenaline pumping experience you must take this fascinating walk through the jungle populated with some of the the weirdest life forms on Earth.

If you see the Amazon Rain Forest during the day, you have only experienced half of its wonders and beauty.

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