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Dambulla Cave Temple

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

The Dambulla Cave temple or Dambulla Golden Temple is the largest cave temple complex in the world situated in central part of Sri Lanka.

The temple is situated under a huge overhanging rock that stands about 160 meter high and towers over the surrounding places. The cave temple is estimated to have been around since the first century. There are five caves in the Dambulla Golden Temple.

The interior of the Dambulla Golden temple consist of art and patterns painted on the wall ceiling, one of the caves has approximately 1,500 different paintings of Buddha painted on the ceiling.

In total, there are 153 Buddha statues, which are all different sizes and depict different attitudes. The largest state is measured to about 15 meters long or approximately 50 feet.

One of the must see places in Sri Lanka, which will amaze you with great art work of the first century.

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