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Colourful Burano in Venetian Lagoon

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Burano is an island of Venice in Italy, famous for its lace and colourful houses. We have been to Italy in July, It was a hot humid day on the Venetian Island. We took a boat ride from St. Marks square to Burano Island which turned out to be the perfect day trip from Venice.

Burano was intriguing due to the many colours and colourful houses as well as the tranquility and calmness of the islanders. The reflections of the multicoloured buildings in the Venetian canal is a spectacular view and makes this island a wonderful picturesque spot in Italy. Families used to paint their homes in bright colours to designate where their family's quarter ended and neighbour's began as well as to make their home more visible from the sea. The tradition is continued until now.

Burano is a true fisherman's island and you can get super fresh seafood here for less price than in Main Square in Venice. Boats anchored along the canal and window flower pots on the side wall of the houses make this place for a perfect Venice photo shoot.

If you want to get handmade lace, Burano's your best bet. The first laces dated back to the 1500's and initially their workmanship took place in houses. The creation of lace more than five steps were necessary, which are still now made by five different people. Every lacemaker was assigned to the step which she was good at. It is a beautiful scene when you walk down along the canal and see elderly ladies embroider original Burano lace while they are laughing and chatting in squares.

How to get Burano?

One vaporetto line runs from Venice to Burano: the 12. The large, express ferry runs from Venice's San Zaccaria stop (near St. Mark's), to Burano and Murano, with another stop at Venice's Fondamente Nove stop. It takes about 45 minutes, and costs €6.50 per person.

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